Alliant Coal Power Plant Rejected in Wisconsin


Commission of Wisconsin (PSCW) has rejected a proposal by Wisconsin Power
and Light Company (WPL), a subsidiary of Alliant Energy Corporation (NYSE:
LNT), to expand its existing Nelson Dewey Generating Station in Cassville,
Wisconsin, to meet the future energy needs of its customers.


In a 3-0 oral decision, the PSCW denied WPL's Certificate of Public
Convenience and Necessity (CPCN) application. The PSCW stated that
construction and operation of Nelson Dewey Unit 3 would not be the lowest
cost option for customers. The PSCW also expressed concern regarding Nelson
Dewey 3's potential greenhouse gas emissions and its impact upon the

"Our company is extremely disappointed in the PSCW's decision today and
the opportunities lost with it," said Barbara Swan, President-WPL. "We will
need to evaluate the PSCW's decision prior to considering alternatives for
our long-term generation growth strategy in Wisconsin..."


The plant was voted down due to environmental concerns as well as the controversial need for coal power.

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