Get to know your Greener Milwaukee members: Ryan Thompson


This is the first entry is a special part of Greener Milwaukee that will showcase different members of Greener Milwaukee and why they want to be part of the Greener Milwaukee Movement.
So as I have helped interview local business owners before, such as here. iThink it might be fun to let you know a little bit about myself regarding the green movement.
First thing to know… it’s coming.
iLike to think of the Green movement as an artistic rendering of human efficiency and design. Humanity has reached a point where engineering, communication, and social thought have achieved levels where we can again as humans measure and perfect systems to work as one eco-system.
Within that framework of system, one item I find so very, very fascinating about it is the possibility. And we have to start locally first. But where and what questions should be ask before we begin the task of rendering a cleaner, more efficient, albeit “greener” Milwaukee?
Is it a good idea to put giant wind turbines off the shores of the Great lakes? Or should we think smaller and they be nestled under the hone bridge? Heck, will the hone bridge still even be there? Will mass transit and parks be put in its place?
Like you, iHave no idea – however iDo have a grasp of how to get there – and iAm going to need a lot of help. iAm going to need the help of the government, small, big business, the media, individuals exactly like you. There is no better place than here, no better time than now. Please join up at our website and meet us for meetings as we discuss as the organic seeds of ideas and  iHope to get to know you better in person.
iF you want to know why iWrite in this style, check out my technology blog, Thunk Different.
iF you want to join us, or contact us, Greener Milwaukee is much bigger than me, it’s you, so click here or the video for the Greener Milwaukee Movement
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