Milwaukee Recycles

Thanks to everyone that came to the Greener Milwaukee Meetup this past Tuesday evening at the the Milwaukee Public Market.

We had about 20 attendees in all and a generous hour-long discussion by the City of Milwaukee’s very own, Rick Meyers!

Rick Meyers is the Recycling Specialist for the City of Milwaukee Department of Public Works. He manages the City’s State recycling grants and recycling programs and oversees a 190,000 household curbside recycling program. He establishes and maintains contracts or other agreements to market all recyclable materials, including a contract to operate the City-owned Materials Recovery Facility. He plans, supervises, and implements recycling projects, educational campaigns, and programs to increase waste prevention, reuse, and recycling. Rick represents the City of Milwaukee in the Wisconsin Be SMART Coalition and is a board member of Keep Greater Milwaukee Beautiful. Prior to joining the City of Milwaukee, Rick worked for nearly seven years for the Iowa Waste Exchange, providing customized assistance to business and industry to implement waste reduction and recycling practices. Thanks agian for all who showed and learned about our city and our planet making Milwaukee a cleaner, greener, better place to live.

-Ryan Thompson


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