iHeart Green Thursdays

very Thursday iHeart Company, LLC and Cafe Luna Lounge donates 20% of their profits to a great cause.

Time: April 23, 2009 from 7pm to 10pm
Location: Cafe Luna Lounge on the Milwaukee River in the 3rd Ward
Street: 106 W Seeboth St # 202,
Website or Map: http://www.Meetup.com/Greener
Event Type: social, fundriser., drinks., friends., fun.

This week it is green organizations. We will post the amount earned and the organization will be selected by you.

Hi, this is Ryan Thompson, the Director of Greener Milwaukee and President of iHeart Company, LLC. This Meetup is going to be the first of monthly unions for both iHeart and Greener Milwaukee! This will happen once a month and will give Green activists, artist, growers, and businesses a place to meet socially outside of the educational and more formalized environment of a regular Greener Milwaukee Meetup. AKA this monthly meetup is a place to get drinks, meet friends, and donate to a good cause.

Please note, there will be at least two Greener meetups every month. A social (this one) and an educational one (TBA) Please keep in mind this month is Earth day, so show up and everyone gets to vote for the organization they want the percentage raised to go to. Fun, eh? Heck yeah – invite Friends!

iHeart Company is a social networking organization that has it’s fingers in many pies, you will see more as we schedule regular meetups every thursday for different causes and different themes. You can find out more about this group at http://www.Meetup.com/iHeart

Please stay tuned and look for us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and around town too.

Stay tuned for the following week’s iHeart Milwaukee Meetup. Always the last Thursday of the month at Cafe + Luna Lounge.

So if you are asking yourself if you should come or bring a friend, look no further simply by asking yourself this question:

“Do you love Company?” If so, you’ll love iHeart Company, making the third Thursday of every month one to celebrate for a green cause!

PS If you can’t make it send someone who can & don’t forget Earth Day! April 22nd, 2009!


Ryan Thompson,
Director & Member
Greener Milwaukee


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