Greener Milwaukee Talks

Hello Folks,

Fearless leader here.

I wanted to open today’s post to express gratitude and thanks to both Bucketworks (the world’s first health club for the brain) and Spreenker, LLC (a creative and events organization) That being said, let me explain why.

Both have been generous and valuable to both Milwaukee and Greener Milwaukee. These organizations are a fertile flower bed that we will help to grow with both our members and our partnership.

Yesterday both organizations featured Greener Milwaukee as part of their event giving us the opportunity to expose 60 or so people to what it is that we do and to showcase member, Adam Borut’s company Eco-hatchery.

I hope those of you that attended learned something, and those that missed it will explore future opportunities to see our members in action working toward a Greater, Greener Milwaukee

Ryan Thompson
GM Director


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