Solar Housing Village in Bay View

Solar Housing in the Works in Bay View Former Army Reserve site could become “Eco Bay”

Bay View's Solar Village Dubbed, "Eco Bay"

Bay View's Solar Village Dubbed, "Eco Bay"

The city’s vision of turning a former Army Reserve site into a solar-powered village could come true if neighbors and the city can agree on a proposed $40 million development that would produce as much energy as it consumes, the first of its kind in Wisconsin.

“Eco Bay,” to be located on a 5.6-acre site on Logan Avenue and Bay Street in Bay View, includes 20 market-rate single-family homes and townhomes and up to 120 affordable housing units for seniors. As currently envisioned by Quorum Architects, Eco Bay includes permeable paving, a community garden, rain gardens and underground parking. The development will utilize solar panels and geothermal heat pumps to produce energy and incorporate green building materials into its design. Quorum’s proposal was selected over six other developers’ bids by the city’s Housing Authority. (via express milwaukee)


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  1. Very cool. I hope that Milwaukee will build “Eco Bay” and that more people find out about how great our community is.

  2. Posted by lawnboy on May 21, 2009 at 7:21 pm

    Will there be grass in the yards?

  3. That’s a great question. The arch render certainly shows a plot of land, but it could be a smartlawn – such as a a green roof type system. We’ll have to contact the designer to know for sure. At this point I would say that, yes – it does appear that they would have grass – but can’t say for certain.

    Feel free to join us on if you live in the area.

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