USGBC implements a new LEED credentialing system

USGBC has made a determination to establish a clear three-tier credential system for everyone who is planning or has already gained a LEED Accredited Professional designation.

Tier I – LEED Green Associate (GA) is geared towards all green enthusiasts but not practicing professionals like product manufacturers, marketers, finance people, customer service reps for a large construction firm, students, etc. The computer-based exam will still consist of 100 multiple choice questions to be answered in 2 hours time. However, even though more basic in nature, the new exam appears to be harder with a passing rate at the scary 20% (down 14% from the previous v2 of the LEED exam). The good news is the exam fees decreased from $400 for a non-USGBC members last year to $200 for a non-USGBC member.

For two more tiers of LEED credentials, visit my personal blog HERE>

Aga Artka, LEED AP
Aga Artka Interior Design LLC



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