“Bio Diesel Shipping Out of Port of Milwaukee”

This story from Milwaukee’s BizTimes.com says Innovation Fuels has started selling biodiesel to folks from around the world out of the port on Lake Michigan:

The company’s 312,000-barrel (45,000 metric tons) capacity terminal at the Port of Milwaukee is located on ten acres. The terminal is the first in the country that is totally dedicated for the sale and distribution of renewable fuels, the company said.

The terminal was originally built as Shell Oil’s Milwaukee headquarters in the 1950s. The terminal, acquired by Innovation Fuels from NuStar Energy L.P., includes a 20,000-square-foot warehouse, executive offices and a garage.

“The commencement of selling biodiesel via our Milwaukee terminal will significantly lower the cost of our biodiesel to customers in the Great Lakes due to lower transportation charges,” said Innovation Fuels CEO John Fox. “We also bring along a mindset of quality at a reasonable price, which is backed by our BQ9000 credentials as a marketer and producer in the Northeast United States. It is highly advantageous for us to be marketing Milwaukee based biodiesel to customers in Milwaukee and greater Wisconsin as well as to Chicago and the entire Midwestern region.”

Innovation officials say that this is just the beginning of using the Milwaukee port as a biofuels hub. (via domestic fuel)


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