“Dog park proposed for Bay View Park” by Michael Timm

Milwaukee County Parks has proposed building an approximately 1.5-acre off-leash dog exercise area in Bay View Park in St. Francis, roughly across from the Cousins Center and near the soccer field.

Local County Supervisors Marina Dimitrijevic, Pat Jursik, and Chris Larson are sponsoring an informational meeting for the public to learn more about this neighborhood dog park 6pm, Monday, June 8 in the South Shore Park Pavilion, 2900 S. Shore Dr.

Since 2005, the county has operated the 26-acre Runway Dog Exercise Area, off Rawson Avenue in Oak Creek. The 2009 Milwaukee County budget includes $248,400 for dog park expansion. The County Board approved a number of dog park sites in existing parks, including Estabrook, Currie, Lake, and Bay View Parks. The idea is to create legal dog-roaming areas closer to home for dog owners, many of whom are driving 30 or 40 miles to Runway, said Jim Ciha, Parks Department landscape architect.

Bay View Park was selected based on input at a public informational meeting last fall, Ciha said.

Runway collects approximately $20,000 annually in revenue, Ciha said. But because of the fee system, he said it’s difficult to track how many distinct people and dogs that represents and thus difficult to anticipate the density of users at Bay View Park. An annual permit is $20 per dog, while a daily permit is $5.

The estimated cost of the Bay View Park dog park is $49,000, Ciha said. It would include a fenced-off area of turf grass, a 10-by-16-foot shelter, info booth, and fee tube. Parks staff would pick up fees deposited on the honor system daily or twice-daily. Ciha said there have not been any problems with fees being stolen at Runway.

South Shore Park Watch president Kathy Mulvey said the group is opposed to the Bay View Park location. (via Bayview Compass)


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Dog Lover on May 29, 2009 at 3:00 pm

    That dog is Sooooo cute!

  2. Posted by Every on May 29, 2009 at 6:07 pm

    So people are going to drive in from 40 miles to use this 1.5 acre dog poop park?

    That just does not sound right.

    Must be someone’s “pet” project in the Parks Department……

  3. uh hem… I think it’s for the people living in bay view. Nice pun BTW.

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