Things are looking up for yards! – green roof ideas hit town!

Would you like this design for the School of Freshwater Sciences in MKE?

Voice your opinion at Art City!

Outside the back door of Kim Caruso’s Bay View home is a beautiful yard.

That yard, featuring a flagstone patio, gas fire pit and a verdant array of plants and grass, also is the roof.

Caruso is among the growing number of people in Milwaukee who’ve decided to plant their roofs. She put her “green” roof on top of a garage/apartment addition to her home.

“The point for me was if I was going to build something, I wanted to put the green space back,” Caruso said.

As many as 90% of all green roofs are added for environmental reasons, said Charlie Schulz, a project manager at Christiansen Roofing, which helped Caruso with the roof.

Some of those reasons include managing storm water, improving air quality and lowering roof temperature to enhance efficiency of rooftop air conditioners and other units.

Anne Beier estimates it is 10 degrees to 20 degrees cooler on the roof of the Department of City Development building at 809 N. Broadway St.

The site has had wild onions and grasses growing on its roof for the last two years. The city is saving on energy costs, and the roof could last as much as 10 years longer because of its green cover, said Beier, the city’s director of environmental sustainability. (more via jsonline)


One response to this post.

  1. I think that the school of freshwater sciences committee could take a good long look at green roof concepts and perhaps present them to the public. What do you think?

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