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Social Net for a Green Milwaukee!

What’s Social Net?

Want to trade organic vegetables with someone in your community?
Want to find out how to audit your house for LEED certification?
Want to catch up with green events and share them on Facebook?
Want to poll our community and see how they feel about eco landscaping?

All these tools and services are now available on Greener Milwaukee, your source for all things green under the sun in brew city.

Please visit us and click on the newly installed, “Social Net” tab to join up on veggie trader, facebook, or connect with our 350+ members there.

Thanks so much for your contributions to Greener Milwaukee, we look forward to making your life easier & greener.


Ryan Thompson
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How to make Bio-Diesel 101

This is a 4 and a half minute video on general information regarding the production of Biodiesel. The main subject, Swee Sim, produces biodeisel at his shop on the southside, Future Green. We’ll take a field trip in a few weeks, once the City of Milwaukee gives the go ahead for Wisconsin’s first retail shop cleared bio diesel facility.

Donate to Greener Milwaukee!

We recently installed a donation option for those of you that are willing to help Milwaukee get greener. Your generous donations pay for things like banners, printing costs, transportation, and educational hand-outs (which all can be recycled!) Please click here and donate today!


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Milwaukee Mayor, “Working Together for a Greener Milwaukee”

Working Together for a Greener Milwaukee

Dear Friends:

On April 22nd Milwaukee and cities across the country celebrated Earth Day, a national event inaugurated by Wisconsin’s very own Senator Gaylord Nelson in 1970 to promote awareness and appreciation of the environment. Continue reading

The Urban Ecology Center

Urban Ecology Center Loves Sustainability

urban ecology center

urban ecology center

In the 1980s, a stroll through Milwaukee’s Riverside Park would have presented a less-than-perfect picture: polluted water, land either abandoned or used for industrial waste disposal, and an active drug trade. Then came the Urban Ecology Center, a grassroots organization formed to prevent crime in the park. Two decades later, the center’s presence, partnership with local organizations, and outreach has led to a social and environmental revitalization in two Milwaukee parks.

More than 65,000 people, often youngsters, annually visit the two UEC locations to participate in outdoor science education classes, learn about ecological practices, or simply hike the nearby trails. “We believe everyone should have access to public assets and feel safe while enjoying green spaces. Our way to achieve that is by providing a community center, available to everyone free of charge, with a focus on environmental education,” explains Beth Fetterley, Urban Ecology Center (UEC) senior director of education and strategic

Five Guiding Principles

Given its mission—to foster ecological practice it in many ways, often but not limited to a focus on the environment.” The center has developed five “guiding lenses” through which it
views all initiatives, activities, and programming: Continue reading

Green Drinks on The River is Tonight!

Join Greener Milwaukee and Cafe Luna Lounge TONIGHT and donate to a great cause!

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Hi, this is Ryan Thompson, the Director of Greener Milwaukee. This will happen once a month and will give Green enthusiasts, advocates, artists, growers, and businesses a place to meet socially outside of the educational and more formalized environment of a regular Greener Milwaukee Meetup. AKA this monthly meetup is a place to get drinks, meet friends, and donate to a good cause.

Please note, there will be at least two Greener meetups every month. A social (this one) and an educational one (TBA) Please keep in mind this weekend we are visiting ‘Growing Power on 5500 Silver Spring Dr. at 2-4pm (Saturday – super fun!), Growing Power Tour Details feel free to RSVP.

Please stay tuned and look for us on Facebook, Twitter, and around town too.

So if you are asking yourself if you should come or bring a friend, look no further simply by asking yourself this question:

If you can’t make it send someone who can!


Ryan Thompson,
Director & Member
Greener Milwaukee