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Greener Jobs Group on LinkedIn

ANNOUNCEMENT – Greener Milwaukee is happy to announce a new group for Greener Jobs on Linkedin! Please send to friends and family that are looking to join our group. Some the Original members are from Johnson Controls & Alterra Coffee Company. If you are interested in working at these places that promote sustainability and a greener, cleaner Milwaukee. Please join today! HERE

Greener Jobs on Linkedin

Greener Jobs on Linkedin

299 members and counting…

Thanks to the 299 members that have joined Greener Milwaukee. 1 more and we’re batting 300. Who will it be? We’ll interview them for an upcoming blog post! Thanks for reading & keeping it green!

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Growing Power Tour Saturday, 5/23 from 2-4 pm

Please join Greener Milwaukee for our tour of Growing Power tomorrow.


You may RSVP, or if you have friends they can simply show up. It will cost $7.00 each if you have 10 or more people showing up and $10.00 if we have less than 10 people show up. Thet Tour will last for about an hour and a half and then roughly a half hour for Q and A. I hope that you can participate and that you are excited about Growing Power! MAP | VIDEO | RSVP

In other news, Green Drinks was fun last night & I hope to see all of you again soon.

Thanks, Ryan

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The Urban Ecology Center

Urban Ecology Center Loves Sustainability

urban ecology center

urban ecology center

In the 1980s, a stroll through Milwaukee’s Riverside Park would have presented a less-than-perfect picture: polluted water, land either abandoned or used for industrial waste disposal, and an active drug trade. Then came the Urban Ecology Center, a grassroots organization formed to prevent crime in the park. Two decades later, the center’s presence, partnership with local organizations, and outreach has led to a social and environmental revitalization in two Milwaukee parks.

More than 65,000 people, often youngsters, annually visit the two UEC locations to participate in outdoor science education classes, learn about ecological practices, or simply hike the nearby trails. “We believe everyone should have access to public assets and feel safe while enjoying green spaces. Our way to achieve that is by providing a community center, available to everyone free of charge, with a focus on environmental education,” explains Beth Fetterley, Urban Ecology Center (UEC) senior director of education and strategic

Five Guiding Principles

Given its mission—to foster ecological practice it in many ways, often but not limited to a focus on the environment.” The center has developed five “guiding lenses” through which it
views all initiatives, activities, and programming: Continue reading