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Ominowakiing – The Water Column

I am starting a water column, calling it, Ominowakiing. It is Chippewa for gathering place by the water, or “Milwaukee” as it is now known.

Please send me information regard water issues that you are concerned about or write something yourself and I’ll post it for Ominowakiing. See us published online HERE



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How to make Bio-Diesel 101

This is a 4 and a half minute video on general information regarding the production of Biodiesel. The main subject, Swee Sim, produces biodeisel at his shop on the southside, Future Green. We’ll take a field trip in a few weeks, once the City of Milwaukee gives the go ahead for Wisconsin’s first retail shop cleared bio diesel facility.

Shining a green light on growth

Initiative helps businesses boost energy efficiency

For more and more businesses, going green has gone from being viewed as an extra to a critical path to staying competitive.

That’s the view coming from Waukesha County’s business community, where the county’s Economic Development Corp. believes use of sustainability and green business practices could help the region set itself apart over the long term.

Bill Mitchell runs the economic development corporation for Waukesha County, where the county is basing its business-growth strategy on greening its business community through a new initiative called Partnerships for Sustainability.

The initiative seeks to train companies with fewer than 250 workers on steps they can take to become more sustainable and save on their operating costs.

“This is about jobs,” Mitchell said. “The job growth over the next decades in green jobs, that’s what got our attention, with companies adapting their products and processes related to green.”

Clearly one of the drivers is the prospect of more government regulation.

A global warming bill pending in Congress would make businesses responsible for monitoring and reducing their carbon dioxide emissions. That is expected to boost investments in energy efficiency. (More via JSOnline)

We have a winner!

We have a winner for the 300th member of Greener Milwaukee, the name was announced on Twitter yesterday and will be contacted for a full interview of how he helps make Milwauke Greener. Please stay tuned for it and hope to see you at the Green Drinks event social tonight!

299 members and counting…

Thanks to the 299 members that have joined Greener Milwaukee. 1 more and we’re batting 300. Who will it be? We’ll interview them for an upcoming blog post! Thanks for reading & keeping it green!

Photo (1958-BMW-Isetta-300-Coupe-Green)

UWM School of FreshWater Sciences update pt. 2

Please feel free to comment on this rendering or pass it along to a friend. What do you think about a design like this Milwaukee?

UWM School of Freshwater Sciences

(See post one to compare the rendering and add comments!)

Mayor attends Green Jobs Summit

PROVIDENCE — The city (Providence, RI) on Friday won a $372,500 grant from the U.S. Conference of Mayors and the Wal-Mart Foundation to create a “green jobs” training program.

Mayor David N. Cicilline said that the city will use the grant to underwrite entry- and mid-level “bridge training programs” that will get adults with less than high school-level literacy prepared to enter green industries.

Providence was one of six cities selected by the conference of mayors, including Chicago, Long Beach, Calif., Milwaukee, San Francisco and St. Louis. Friday was the first day of the annual gathering of mayors, being held this year at the Rhode Island Convention Center.

“It is an enormous honor to be recognized for our commitment to building the green economy and creating 21st-century jobs for our residents,” said Cicilline. “This grant helps us build a pipeline to get residents into good, green jobs faster.”

The city will partner with the Apeiron Institute for Sustainable Living, a statewide environmental group, and the Cranston Workforce Investment Board for the program, which will begin in the fall at the Community College of Rhode Island.

The announcement came on the same day that Cicilline served on a panel on training a “green collar” work force, along with mayors from Philadelphia, Long Beach, Stamford, Conn., and Milwaukee.

Mayors said at a session that they plan to increase recycling, train young people for unskilled green jobs and improve their transportation and energy conservation programs.

The Obama administration has pledged to spend $500 million on programs to train workers for green jobs around the country and the majors at Friday’s conference showed they have plenty of programs already under way that can make use of the money. (via projo)