Be a green machine and $hovel!

Want to make yourself useful this winter? Read This…

Ok, So do you know the story of John Henry? The one with the folkoric hero who beat a shoveling machine with his brawn and enduring human spirt?

Well, you can emulate that dude without the tragic consequences this winter and fly your green card in the process… well depending who you are.


With all this snow and and the ability to shovel, do you have to ask?

Snow shoveling is almost as green as it gets as; it’s A. Good for you B. it’s healthier for air quality than a snow blower, (or “thrower” as retail chains are now calling them) C. It’s nice to do for a neighbor orelderly person that may need a helping hand. D. You could make some scratch with that hard work.

So grab your shovel and start shoveling, shucks, check the link below there is even a demand for it… Apparently you can make around $32,000 shoveling snow according to Simply Hired.

So just don’t site there reading all day, get out there and help make a Greener Milwaukee today.


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